Example Table Export with questfox

questfox now offers to use tables created with questox Living Reports right away.
There are two ways to pimp your live tables outside of questfox. 
1. Copy to clipboard. 
2. Create a fresh Excel file and continue working 
We are happy to support the usage of your tables with this step.

Just click on the buttons under the table beneath to test the function. It will work with all your questfox projects.

 Online PanelMobile Ad RecruitingE-Mail Invitation
I am at home75785,25 %64179,04 %39,68 %
I am at work/school etc.748,33 %587,15 %2683,87 %
I am in a public place182,03 %323,95 %13,23 %
I am travelling313,49 %415,06 %13,23 %
None of the above80,9 %394,81 %00 %
Total888100 %811100 %31100 %

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